In inghilterra ci’e troppo snobbismo verso il vino frizzante non-tipo champagne/cava
Ottimi i vini, Gutturnio vivace per i rossi e Valnure per i bianchi, apprezzati da una clientela fedele ed affezionata.
Domenico, giovane intraprendente, ha in cantiere il rimodernamento della cantina – senza che ciò comporti un cambiamento dei metodi di lavorazione e la ristrutturazione di un locale che possa adibirsi a sala degustazione.
Un’Azienda dinamica, dunque, in grado di portare i sapori ed i profumi del passato in un contesto moderno e accattivante.
The wines are excellent, a vivacious guttunio for the reds and valnure for the whites, esteemed by a loyal and affectionate clientele. Domenico, the young entrepreneur, has in hand the modernisation of the cellar, but that doesn’t mean a change in the methods of production, nor the restructuring of an area properly adapted to tasting.
so, a dyamic firm, capable of bringing the flavours and aromas of the past into a modern and captivating context.


Cloudy Bay


Cloudy Bay really put New Zealand and Sauvignon Blanc on the wine map and yesterday I had the pleasure of sampling their Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir, I must admit they were really good. Italian wine is still better though. obviously. 😉



Hmm, Rose has these connotations attached. Its a hot summers day, were eating al fresco and I really fancy a glass of rose, but I know, as usual my mates will give me stick for having a girls drink. Then I will launch into my defense argument which basically goes: its nice, try it, I don’t care what you think In France they love it, your missing out.

The French went out of their way to produce excellent rose, where they remove the skins from red wine grapes early on and leave to ferment into the lovely pink liquid that I am quite partial too (especially on a hot day) Anyway this post is not to assert my masculinity even though I like rose but to talk about the future of this pink drink.

The process of blending to make rose, which was previously permitted, may soon be allowed by the European Commission to supply the growing demand in places like China. So basically when my bottle of rose runs out I may as well get half a glass of white half a glass of red and stir until tastes like something that kinda resembles what Rose is supposed to taste like


I had no idea how big the wine blogosphere was.  Every time I come online to write a post I get completely  sidetracked by Gary Vaynerchuck’s videos and never write what I wanted to. I am a tiny tadpole in a BIG pond.

I am learning so much more about wine though (much to my friends annoyance) so far my blogging (1 post) has basically led to me researching more about wine and opening the door to so much information I cant process.  But at least its never quiet round our dinner table

Me, Myself and Wine


I have this annoying  habit at dinner parties, restaurants and generally any place that wine and food are served together. I tend to take over form the host or the waiter or anyone else talking and pipe in with my own recommendations about which wine is  best with which dish.

My friends are finding it increasingly annoying, so I thought I had better do something about it. So, that’s why this blog is here. A place for me to talk about wine, what I like, what I dislike and discover new types.